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Why won’t Shark Business work in Venezuela?

Venezuela, one of seventeen mega-diverse nations in the world, has all the required components needed to start our project: a great diversity of sharks, local fishermen, an advantageous geographical location for tourism and stunning natural attractions.   Having the largest oil reserve on the planet should lead...

Why Shark “Business”?

I love sharks and they are my business, but there is another important reason why me and my partner chose to name our project "Shark Business": Our belief is that society and business can thrive by investing in nature. Making conservation profitable is perhaps the most realistic way of...

Looking for sharks in the largest island of Central America

After wrapping up my scholarship year in New York in April I returned to Panama to explore Coiba National Park, a marine reserve on the Pacific coast. I had heard during my previous visit to Panama that the diving there was amazing and there was a good...